Try Neck Retraction Stretch 10 Reps Twice Daily to Reduce Shoulder/Neck Pain

May 29, 2021by TonyaTittle

Don’t think you have the head forward posture? Ask a friend or family member to catch you sitting at your desk or on your phone sometime when you least expect it and take a picture of you. I know during fitness assessments we take pictures against a posture grid when onsite and this is where you can really tell how much an individual’s neck juts forward. You might be able to take a picture of yourself in the mirror standing sideways but likely you will be self correcting.

When looking at reducing pain in one area of the body it’s of course important to look at the body as a whole and any compensatory patterns. Often times when people have weak or painful shoulder muscles they may not lift objects properly and overtime this can erode away the ligaments or muscle caused from grinding against bony structures in the body.

The stretch below may not be fun or sexy but who cares, try it anyway. Create some triggers to make you remember to do them. Maybe when you first sit down to read, type or even sewing and each time you take a break and return.

Results will pay off big and create a more aligned and confident looking posture.

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