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December 19, 2020

To be complete Feb. 2021. As I sit and quickly take a break to write this post I look around the boutique studio that made a name in Memphis for almost 19 years. My family made the eight hour journey back to Memphis on Friday and plan to take 1 of 2 truckloads to storage in Greenville, South Carolina and Travelers Rest, South Carolina. The second is late Jan and maybe a third trip if necessary in Feb. We are leaving plenty of equipment for our remaining clients onsite training with Misty.

I just want Memphis and readers of our posts to know that Energy Fitness was possible and continues to be possible because of my awesome and supportive husband Mark Tittle and his entrepreneurial skills. He’s even supporting me learning a new occupation to enhance my knowledge and skill set with massage therapy school all through this Covid mess. My expected graduation date in Greenville, South Carolina is late Feb. 2021. Then study and take the licensing exam to be a Licensed Massage Therapist. This will make my job easier as a personal trainer because then I can manipulate soft tissue and help clients recover more from injuries or nagging pains.

We started Energy Fitness almost 19 years ago because Mark saw my talents and the way I help people achieve their goals while inspiring and training them myself or via my staff that were carefully hand picked and the right fit for our clients.  It wasn’t all peaches and cream in the early years of starting the business and having your husband tell you that your job “is just a hobby”, we’ve gotten past that as I began to pay myself / the household an acceptable amount as well as him hearing many clients sing my praises and having a business introduce us to so many people that we’ve met along the way that may be lifelong friends.

Usually I have these blog posts finished a few days or at least by lunch the day before it goes out to our list. Even in the craziest time of packing up the studio for round one of taking stuff to storage before finding the right location/space in our new town I found the time to speak with a client via phone and it’s just so heart warming to have someone tell you how much you have meant to them and training their family members also. Those that know me personally know that I don’t get emotional very often nor do I like to ask others for help. I have to say that a sadness crept in earlier in the week as I neared the arrival in Memphis and the start of a closing the Memphis chapter in my life. So many good things happened in my time in Memphis since 1997 like being the Director of the Downtown YMCA right out of Graduate School, meeting my husband, having two boys that can always call Memphis their hometown, and building so many meaningful relationships.


Oh and if you think that I can no longer help you be fit and healthy then think again. I’ve moved online to zoom 30 minute semi-private personal training. Also a popular service, I am available for many years to come is creating strength training and cardio or stretching programs with video instruction on how to do the programs. Just reach out!

Here’s a few pics from this weekend. Not pictured all all the boxes I have to get for the many things needed to run a business like office supplies, entertaining kitchenware, linens, towels for showers and the list goes on…..

Here’s before the packing began and the sign I hung as you might see in front windows. The large exterior sign will be taken down and packed in just a few days.

Love you much – Memphis! Tonya Tittle










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April 4, 2020

With more people working from home during this Covid crisis many of us are finding that we are in or around the kitchen a lot more. That can result in many more opportunities to decide to put something in your mouth regardless of if you are hungry or not. Check out a video I did in my own kitchen 4 years ago as the same principles and advice still applies today. It’s the small changes both in your environment and your mind that add up to big results for behavior change.

What can you do in your own kitchen, pantry, office, purse, briefcase or work area to increase your chances of nutritional success and properly fueling a great functioning body for optimal performance?

Usually this is where we tell you what we offer and see if you want to come in for FREE consult, schedule a massage or Nutrition Coaching Services onsite. But, times are different and we’re on lock down with the COVID19 and doing all our training online video and kicking some butts in peoples own spaces. They have been surprised how much we can get their heart rates up, muscles burning and are so appreciative for our help in designing a custom workout program during quarantines.

Tonya Tittle, M.S., ACSM
Owner/Dir. of Training, Energy Fitness (established 2002)
ACSM, TPI Level 1 Certified, Rock Tape, Rock Pods (cupping therapy), Rock Tape Blades & Blades Advanced
FMT Basic, Metagenics FLT


Here’s what Energy Fitness is offering online NOW…and maybe as a continued service in the future since it’s been such a helpful service and a hit for individuals seeking professional fitness advice.
+Virtual Consultation for those wanting either a written program, virtual training or nutrition coaching-FREE (value $87)
+Virtual Functional Movement Analysis / Assessment (onsite value $100, online $40)
+Nutrition coaching with nutrient and meal timing considerations and meal plans
+Supplement suggestions
+Equipment purchase suggestions
+Personal training program design by Exercise Scientist (Tonya) and additional certified personal trainers on staff (must include assessment-how else can we determine what your body needs if we don’t test your quality of movement) Program design for 2 workouts is $40-$60 depending on if you need links to video demos. You may consider additionally purchasing 2 virtual sessions to have trainer demonstrate and watch your form). Example package: assessment, 2 workouts for you to do on your own and 2 virtual sessions.
+Virtual Personal Training 30-35 minutes 1-3 clients per session
+Small virtual packages of 4 to 5 sessions (1 assessment and 4 sessions)

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The services below as well as onsite personal training and nutrition coaching to resume when the lock down on social distancing has lifted!

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May 19, 2019

Energy Fitness Downtown Memphis loves it when clients follow our advice and implement lifestyle changes. This client contacted us for Nutrition Coaching and then later for Personal Training advice. Rob Clark may have what most would consider a stressful job, Chief Government Affairs Officer of St. Jude and he doesn’t make excuses for finding times during the week to get in exercise. We coach individuals to empower themselves to commit to eating healthier and moving more efficient in their exercise programs.

In his video testimonial below Rob discusses since childhood how he has had a condition called Ankylosing spondylitis (pronounced ank-kih-low-sing spon-dill-eye-tiss), or AS, is a form of arthritis that primarily affects the spine, although other joints can become involved. It causes inflammation of the spinal joints (vertebrae) that can lead to severe, chronic pain and discomfort. He has always known that keeping active helps the symptoms.

Be sure to scroll down for before/after pics and videos

Rob decided he wanted to tap the breaks on poor nutrition choices and make healthier and more considerable lasting lifestyle changes. He is already very active on his own doing strength training circuit classes at the Y twice a week and running a few other times a week but he just wasn’t getting results he wanted. He contacted Energy Fitness to be prescribed the most effective exercises, stretches and meal plan(s) for his body. We initially did Nutrition Coaching and didn’t take pictures but after 6 months of Nutrition Coaching he wanted to again take it to the next level. He purchased a few private personal training sessions which is why we have the pictures dated October. We also did the Titlest Performance Institute Level 1 Functional Screen as he wanted his golf game better. This screen revealed most helpful limited range of motions in his body which was helpful in creating the best program for his goals.

We are sharing in this post his assessment numbers hopefully to inspire you to make a change and inspire you to create better habits. We now take pics even for clients that just get Nutrition Coaching with us. Pictures help us track alignment and posture as well as body weight changes.

Specifics to his exercise programming:

We focused on exercises that were going to tilt his pelvis under to provide a posterior tilt and better his range of motion and hip hinging. We gave him plies (sumo squats), Stationary Lunging back, 1 leg dead lift and specific ab/core exercises that are the same ones we prescribe to clients that have diastasis recti (a separating of the abdominal wall ) which isn’t only applicable to women post baby. Many men have this and are doing the wrong exercises to flatten and strengthen the abs.

Rob Clark’s results

April 12, 2018 to May 2, 2019 (age 57, height 5’11)

  • Went from 207 to 180.5 LOST 26.5 LBS (4.5 pounds from original goal)
  • Lost 4.75 inches (notice this number is not as high as others which is acceptable as he gained muscle and lost body fat) Abdoment was 38.25 now 36.5
  • Body Fat -went from 28.2% to 18.7% LOST 9.5% (abdomen fat in millimeters went from 43 to 28 and illium/love handles went from 23 to 12, back went from 28 to 17. Where each of us holds fat reveals a cascade of hormonal, insulin, carb intolerance, etc about what’s happening in our body.
  • Flexibility (modified sit and reach test) – went from 1 to 2.5 THAT’S 150% IMPROVEMENT in hip hinge movement)



We are still tracking Rob as he calls us for follow up assessments and continued coaching. We’re so proud of your results Rob and look forward to your continued success. Thanks for allowing us to share your story.

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March 31, 2019

As a personal trainer and nutrition coach at Energy Fitness, a boutique Personal Training Studio located downtown Memphis since 2002 we have helped thousands of people with our food guidance suggestions.

After all, it’s part of our mission to empower individuals and our clients with scientific and inspirational information to help you make better decisions about what you put in your mouth every few hours to positively fuel and help you to achieve your best body.

How often do you decide to do a cleanse or diet makeover? seasonally ? monthly? annually? never?

As you are contemplating or ready to improve your diet or considering a cleanse/detox?

Think of your body as a race horse or a finely tuned machine in which you listen to the signals or your body or at minimum teach yourself either by weighing and measuring your portions or eyeballing proper portion sizes for your snacks and meals (if you lack the hormone that tells you when you are full and to stop eating) so you can perform your best.

Why you consider a CLEANSE or making healthier choices

  • allows your body a chance to “reset” itself by cutting out many heavy pro-inflammatory dietary choices
  • reset your food cravings
  • settle your digestion
  • eliminate toxins
  • jump-start weight loss
  • uncover food sensitivities
  • improve sleep
  • improve mood
  • break out of a food rut and learn some new meals
  • improve skin
  • you may experience flu like symptoms – as you cleanse all the toxins in your tissue enter your bloodstream and can make you feel sick. Stay the course and avoid cravings as they will pass.

Did you know?

  • Cells lining your gut are the shortest-lived in the whole body aside from blood cells
  • Fat cells turnover every 8 years (replaced 10% rate per year in adults)
  • Heart cells are replaced at a reducing rate as we age. At age 25, about 1% of cells are replaced every year. Replacement slows gradually to about 0.5% at age 70. Even in people who have lived a very long life, less than half of the heart cells have bee replaced. Those that aren’t replaced have been there since birth.
  • Neurons in the cerebral cortex (brain) are never replaced. There are no neurons added to your cerebral cortex after birth. Any cerebral cortex neurons that die are not replaced.
  • Your LIVER…while your muscle is your primary fat-burning tissue, your liver is your master fat-burning organ and a filter for other body processes. Knowing this, it makes good sense to adopt detoxification and other habits that promote healthy liver function. (think…back off or eliminate alcohol consumption or at least try and negate with milk thistle tea or supplements such as listed below.
  • How toxic are YOU? Here’s a great tool we use with our clients.  Metagenics How Toxic Are You QUIZ-PDF link
  •  Silyamarin @$24+tx & shipping 
  •  Clear Change 30 day daily supplement packets for @$59
  • 10 Day Clear Change 10 detox @$122

Google or check out this link to see the rate at which different cells in your body turnover.


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March 17, 2019

Energy Fitness, downtown Memphis, offers a variety of healing arts …

Everyone feels anxious, nervous, or uncomfortably edgy sometimes and we all have to find a method of release for this energy flow and drumming is one of our suggestions in this blog post. Having a calming spirit can be achieved by noticing the imbalances in your body and mind, then bringing them back into balance through changing any patterns of thoughts and actions that are thwarting a calm existence.

Did you know that Drumming Reduces Tension, Lowers Blood Pressure, Reduces Anxiety and Stress?

Energy Fitness’ Reiki Master/Healing Arts Practitioner talks about the healing benefits of a drum. (FYI…After Diana has used her own drum on me in sessions twice I had to go and buy my own and the drum pictured is mine which was only $35 at the Drum Shop in Memphis. Tonya, Owner, Reiki Level 2, Energy Fitness)

Drumming Helps Control Chronic Pain

Chronic pain has a progressively draining effect on the quality of life. Researchers suggest that drumming serves as a distraction from pain and grief. Drumming promotes the production of endorphins and endogenous opiates, the bodies own morphine-like painkillers, and can thereby help in the control of pain.

Drumming Boosts the Immune System

A recent medical research study indicates that drumming circles boost the immune system. Led by renowned cancer expert Barry Bittman, MD, the study demonstrates that group drumming actually increases cancer-killing cells, which help the body combat cancer as well as other viruses, including AIDS. According to Dr. Bittman, “Group drumming tunes our biology, orchestrates our immunity, and enables healing to begin.”

Many shamanic cultures place great emphasis on drumming, for the drum unites masculine and feminine energies, generating the force that weaves the web of life. Drumming cultivates life force energy in the lower energy centers of the body, which is then stored in the area of the solar plexus. This energy can then be directed back to the higher chakras or toward healing and creative endeavors. Focusing your attention on the individual chakras while drumming, you may experience each energy center becoming active, balanced, and aligned with the other chakras.

Coming soon…Be sure to catch our post on Sound Therapy regarding healing at different frequencies and notes of different popular songs that may help to align your chakras.

Drum on for better health!

Click  here for information on our Healing Arts Services (Massage, Body Wraps, Reiki, Intuitive Healing). We also have all natural spray tanning, facials & KT taping). Diana Sullivan offers drum therapy as part of a Reiki session as well as Drew Sherrod as part of a massage, sound healing or Reiki session.


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May 18, 2017

Do you have low back pain with tingling, burning or numbness

that may at times reach all the way down to your feet?

Most people will tell you that you have Sciatica. Don’t just accept that answer!

This post is about Piriformis Syndrome & very briefly discusses Sciatica pain. What’s the difference? (Scroll down to see the video we did we Mae, our massage therapist, on this issue, as well as 5 great stretches to help with the pain.)

Sciatica is more commonly diagnosed than Piriformis Syndrome, but the symptoms of the two are almost identical. Sciatica pain is typically caused from a disc herniation–spinal degeneration–in the lower lumbar area.

Where is this fancy-named muscle?

It is deep into your gluteals/butt and at the top of your hip bone.

It is one of the few conditions which causes posterior hip pain. When it is overused it becomes tight & can compress the sciatic nerve causing low back, buttocks, and radiating leg pain. This muscle does not like prolonged periods of sitting.

This syndrome may get pain relief by walking with same side of foot (where the pain in the butt is) pointing outward. This is because externally rotating the hip reduces the stretch on the piriformis and relieves the pain slightly.

Where is the pain more precisely?

  • Tightness in the lower back or buttocks
  • Large painful knot in the buttocks
  • Burning pain in posterior legs and buttocks
  • Aching lower back and/or Pain radiating down legs
  • Back or buttocks discomfort while sitting
  • Low back pain, buttock pain after walking or running
  • Muscle imbalance, fatigue, inflexibility, soreness

As Mae discusses in the video below, Piriformis tightness or syndrome can be caused or aggravated by sitting on a large wallet in the affected side’s rear pocket. Some fitness and health care professionals call this “fat wallet syndrome” or “wallet sciatica.” Try switching to a front pocket wallet.

Who needs to stretch this muscle?

  • Anyone having the pain described in the area(s) above
  • People with poor or limited flexibility
  • People who are sitting for extended periods
  • People with high body fat, stomach, thigh girth
  • People who have neck or shoulder tension (tends to go up the chain of the body)
  • Inactive people who would benefit from exercise programs
  • Weekend athletes (runners, cyclists, golfers, paddlers, dancers)
  • ages 35 and up

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5 Great Stretches!

Hold each one for 30 seconds to 3 minutes. For true physiologically lengthening of a muscle you need to perform the stretch every day for 3 minutes for 6 weeks (for this one if both of your sides are affected that means 3 minutes on each side).






July 27, 2015

L-Carnitine, Green Tea and CLA are 3 supplements that may make you leaner & healthier.  We aim to inspire as well as inform you to consider if you need these 3 supplements. Energy Fitness clients in downtown Memphis are always asking our personal trainers what’s the easiest and fastest way to lose 20 pounds. Our answer…cut off your leg! No seriously, there can be enormous benefits when supplements are used the smart and effective way.

DSCN7746   woman with measuring tape

First, let’s discuss green tea as it’s been used for over 500,000 years for medicinal and antioxidant purposes. It creates an internal (thermogenic) effect. Green tea supplements can be consumed in capsule or tea form to decrease body fat/lean out the body. When taken in combination with other supplements mentioned in this article they have a synergistic effect (aka: they work best when taken together, especially before workouts).

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition claims that great tea extract is one of the most effective metabolism boosters that naturally occur in a plant or herb. Metabolic rate is increased by 4% within a 24 hour time frame.   The healthful properties of green tea are largely attributed to polyphenols, chemicals with potent antioxidant properties. In fact, the antioxidant effects of polyphenols appear to be greater than vitamin C. Be mindful that if you take an iron supplement with tea, it will prevent the iron from being absorbed.

Green tea is naturally caffeinated. If you already know that your body doesn’t do well with caffeine then try the decaf version.  How do you know if your body doesn’t “do well” with caffeine?  If you feel energized, alert, and focused when you have caffeine, chances are you have the fast enzymes in your liver to metabolize it thus giving you the antioxidant properties quickly as it passes through your body systems.  I personally do not metabolize caffeine well, which means I have slow enzymes in my liver that give me after effects.  I feel sluggish, have foggy brain, an inability to focus, as well as get headaches from what little I may have consumed in dairy-free chocolate.

Now let’s discuss L-Carnitine. It’s a non-essential amino acid that some compare to a B-vitamin. It helps transport fat to the powerhouse of the body at a cellular level. Once it’s there, it can be used as stored fuel (adenosine triphosphate or simply “ATP”). There is only enough energy/ATP stored for about 10 seconds of quick burst activity – think flight-or-fight or a sport movement such as a golf swing.

By supplementing your body with L-Carnitine, you are able to more quickly replace fat stores as they are depleted by activities and/or exercises that require lots of energy within a short time frame.  HIIT cardio (intense cardio intervals) or weight training sessions will be better and more effective with this supplement as you may recover faster between bouts and between actual sessions.

Have you ever been on a diet, lost weight, stopped the diet, and gained all the weight back and then some? When calories are reduced in a weight reduction diet, the body fears the worst and goes into starvation metabolism mode. This is because the body is preparing itself for another starvation period by storing fat. Essentially, taking L-Carnitine helps the body to burn fats as fuel and might help “fool” your body into thinking there is no starvation, thus PLENTY of calories are available to function in normal mode! In fact, recent research has shown that you can even consume 500 more calories and still lose fat.

Thinking it’s for you, it’s even more effective with combined with green tea prior to your workout. Picture more muscle and less fat. Despite what you’ve read, there’s lots of clinical proof in research studies done over the past decade.

Finally, on to CLA. This stands for the big fancy term conjugated linoleic acid which is a potent antioxidant, anti-carcinogen, and a powerful immune system enhancer. It has been proven that individuals taking an anti-depressant or anxiety medicine can benefit greatly with reducing belly fat if taken with green tea. It helps with enhancing muscle growth and it also enhances insulin sensitivity. While small amounts can be obtained from meat and dairy products, supplementation may have a substantial impact on how effectively your body chemically decomposes and deposits fat in your cells. Recent research has shown that use of CLA has proven to be highly effective in reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass.

So there you have it.  If you aren’t going the chop your leg off to lose 20 lbs fast then do a little more research about what your dosage might be for your current weight and activity level and of course as with anything else, we are obligated to tell you to check with your physician before starting any supplements.

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October 9, 2013

Should You Take This?

As a part of our Energize method of training  supplementation is one of the 6 components to success.  I have recently done extensive research on L-arginine and I am recommending it to several clients.  I’ve dropped an additional 2% body fat and lowered my blood pressure from 110/70 to 90/60 since incorporating L-arginine into my supportive fitness regime.  My resting heart rate has also dropped from 55 to 44 beats per minute.  As always, be sure to consult your physician before taking any medication or supplements of any kind.vitamin

What is L-arginine & Why It’s Important?

 L-arginine is an amino acid that is crucial for the body to make protein. L-arginine is found mostly in red meat, poultry, fish and dairy products. Your body converts L-arginine into nitric oxide and improves blood flow by expanding blood vessels with will alleviate chest pains, clogged arteries and headaches. It also encourages the release of growth hormone and insulin in the body.

Benefits of L-arginine

Some benefits of taking L-arginine supplements include:
– Improved Cardio Endurance
– Improved Immune System
– Lower Blood Pressure
– Improved Sexual Health
– Increased EnergyL-arginine has also been used to boost the immune system, treat male infertility and when used topically, to increase blood flow to cold hands and feet and improve wound healing time.


Dosing adjustments may be necessary in people with bleeding disorders.

Caution should be used in those with diabetes.  Blood glucose levels should be monitored.

Use caution when taking phosphodiesterase inhibitors (Viagra®), due to a theoretical risk of additive blood vessel widening and blood pressure lowering.

Use with caution in postmenopausal patients, as night sweats and flushing have been reported.

Use with caution in patients with herpes virus, as L-arginine may increase the risk of herpes simplex cold sores.  This interaction can be mitigated by taking L-lysine supplements about 2 hours separately from L-arginine.

Arginine may cause bloating; diarrhea; endocrine changes; gastrointestinal discomfort; hives; increased blood urea nitrogen, serum creatine, and serum creatinine; increased inflammatory response; leg restlessness, lower back pain; nausea, numbness (with arginine injection); rash; reduction in hematocrit; severe tissue necrosis with extravasation; systemic acidosis; or venous irritation. In heart disease patients, arginine may cause high white blood cell count, increased post-heart attack deaths, lack of energy and strength, and vertigo or increased blood pressure (in heart transplant patients).

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south main circle with tonya


September 27, 2013

Energy Fitness Personal Trainers in Memphis teach you how to do a fitness assessment on yourself .

Click here to download testing sheets, pictures and video so you can be as accurate as possible. Do a fitness assessment every 4-6 weeks.  See

additional tips at bottom of this blog and to register for a FREE Consultation (value $87).

Scoring Norms: (source-YMCA of Usa)

Resting Heart Rate: take for either 1 full minute or for 15 seconds and multiply x 4 – Healthy range is between 40-70 beats per minute

BodyFat  percentage if you get the tanita bodyfat scale as suggested in video:  Healthy Range for women 19-23%, men 16-20%

Push Ups: Female – on knees


Age: 20-29 years      30-39 years   40-49 years   50-59 years    60-69 years

90%    32 reps              31 reps             28 reps          23  reps         25 reps
80%    26 reps              24 reps           22 reps          17 reps            15 reps
70%    22 reps              21 reps           18 reps           13 reps            12 reps
60%    20 reps              17 reps           14 reps           10 reps            10 reps
50%    16 reps               14 reps           12 reps           9 reps              6 reps
40%    14 reps               12 reps           10 reps           5 reps              4 reps
30%    11 reps                10 reps            7 reps           3 reps              2 reps
20%     9 reps                  7 reps            4 reps            1 reps              0 reps
10%     5 reps                  4 reps             2 reps           0 reps              0 reps

Push Ups: Male – on toes


Age: 20-29 years    30-39 years    40-49 years    50-59 years    60-69 years

90%  41 reps            32 reps            25 reps            24  reps           24 reps
80%     34 reps        27 reps            21 reps             17 reps             16 reps
70%     30 reps        24 reps            19 reps             14 reps             11 reps
60%     27 reps        21 reps             16 reps             11 reps             10 reps
50%     24 reps        19 reps             13 reps             10 reps              9 reps
40%     21 reps        16 reps             12 reps               9 reps              7 reps
30%     18 reps        14 reps             10 reps               7 reps              6 reps
20%     16 reps        11 reps               8 reps               5 reps              4 reps
10%      11 reps         8 reps               5 reps                4 reps             2 reps

Inches Reached on Floor Stretch – FLEXIBILITY

Female                                                                 Male

80-90 %              21-22 inches                      17-20 inches
50-75%               17-20 inches                      15-19 inches
35-45%                15-16 inches                       13-14 inches
20-30%                12-14 inches                      11-12 inches
5-15%                   No Norms                            No Norms

tips:  we suggest taking photos of yourself at different angles and dating the pictures. we also highly suggest you watch the video above as we tell you extra tips to get the most accurate results for your Do It Yourself Fitness Assessment.

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July 9, 2013

Mike Keeney enlisted Energy Fitness Personal Trainer, Lisa Sanchez in Memphis Tennessee to help his health, well being, and fitness goals.

After visiting with his doctor, Keeney was informed he needed to watch what he ate and lose weight in order to maintain a lower blood pressure. If he failed to do so, it would result in cholesterol and blood pressure medicine everyday for the rest of his life. He immediately changed his diet opting for more lean proteins , fruits, and vegetables; cutting out most high carbohydrate and sugary foods.

259159_t607Keeney’s diet worked for a month or two, but then he noticed something still was missing. Already knowing Lisa and her husband, a fellow lawyer, Keeney often received encouragement from Lisa to add an exercise regiment to his weight loss and fitness plan. Keeney began to meet Lisa at Energy Fitness and starting training with her two days a week.

Lisa also suggested Keeney eat throughout the day smaller portions as opposed to eating a large amount at one time. She told Keeney not to feel guilty if he cheated some of the time and fulfilled his craving for a sweet.

Keeney has lost 35 pounds so far and is much happier with his life. Not only is he not having to take medication, but he says he feels 20 years old again.

Check out Keeney’s success story on the Commercial Appeal.

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You’ll start feeling results fast!  Some clients comment they see results within the first two weeks!