Energy Fitness trainer tells you why you should write down your Workouts..even on vacation!

June 11, 2013by TonyaTittle

I (Personal Trainer & Owner of Energy Fitness  in Memphis) need accountability of having my fitness program/plan written down ahead of time. Even on vacations when I lift weights I ask staff/attendant for pen and paper because I know I will be more likely to forget exercises I need to do twice or just pick my favorite exercises if I don’t write it down in advance.  At the bottom of this blog post I have included a pic of my last vacation workout session.  I didn’t write down all the sets, reps and forgot to write down the mile I ran on treadmill to warm-up but you get the general idea.  When at home you can be more detailed.

Here are the benefits of writing down and logging your workouts:

  • You are more likely to do it !  This one is a biggie and the key to better results.
  • you are reminded of your Goals – that is if you have written them and circled at top of record keeping sheet
  • write down the date: you may FEEL like you just did a set of exercises but if you are lifting weights 2 times per week (the average) and have 2 different programs you alternate between writing it down is proof it’s been a whole week since you completed that program.
  • for cardio you can see exactly how much you are doing versus what you FEEL like you are doing (are you burning enough calories to lose 1 pound per week – 3500 calories.  does your diet program support your weight loss or performance goal?
  • switch programs/select new exercises every 4-9 weeks
  • you can see how much stronger or how much more endurance you have compared to last week, 2 months or even 1 year ago
  • you can track body fat (body fat scales are great and more accurate mid-afternoon) or weight (not a big fan of this method but most accurate in the morning)
  • you can see what you did last time and go up in weight or do more reps
  • you may have written other helpful notes such as it’s hot today, didn’t sleep much, sore still, upset stomach, injury, something hurts, etc…
  • you can make it a game to see how fast you can complete the same number of exercises and even add more to top your record
  • you can visually see that you seem to be always doing the same thing all the time and need to mix it up
  • you can number the exercises and go in a different order or do cardio intervals or abs in between exercises
  • you can see if your program has balance. Are you working too much chest and not enough back, or put another way too much pushing and not enough pulling?
  • are you stretching the muscles being worked?
  • trainer vacation workout

If the above reasons are not enough and you need someone else to write down your workouts and keep you on track then hire a trainer (like Energy Fitness) to keep you accountable, motivated and on your way to being the best YOU!

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