Personal Trainer Downtown Memphis tells you Why Fitness Assesments are Necessary

September 18, 2013by TonyaTittle

Tonya Tittle of Energy Fitness in Memphis responds to “I don’t do Body Comp measurements.” Wait, what? Seriously?

I hear it all the time and it drives me nuts!  The excuses for this major oversight in judgment on behalf of most trainers is: “I am not that good at them.” “I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.”


bodyfat scale pic


plastic calipersHaving been a trainer for my entire professional career (over 20 years) I am telling you, this is critical stuff. You need to run numbers, track progress and hold yourself accountable to the numbers.

It’s a pain and I know I’m fat, I’m just not ready to be pinched and poked!!

Letting you determine whether to test body comp.  Really?  Who wants results or speaking as a trainer….who is the trainer here?

That is like you telling your Doctor, “Nahhh I don’t want you to take my blood pressure, listen to my lungs or draw blood.” Having conversation with you about your risk of disease is important.

We want you to see the value in doing the body comp because it plays a major role in how you are going to exercise? Just assessing movement and winging a basic program is just using a wait and see approach. Who wants to waste any time and effort in or out of the gym? Hopefully you answered no to this question.

Bottom line, a body comp is the

most critical diagnostic in personal training.

But I still don’t want to be tested………

I get it, I have seen and heard all of it.  And if you have anything interesting you’d like to share on why you don’t do body comps I would really love to hear it.

At Energy Fitness we recommend measurement information every 6 weeks. If we didn’t – it’s like your physician saying, “well you

look like you have Lyme disease, lets start you on this regimen of drugs and … ” Without diagnostic tests, how else are we going to determine your current level of wellness and measure your progress?

You owe it to yourself to under

stand the facts &  numbers. How do you show progress?   It’s so easy.  Knowing your bodyfat will lead to smarter more informed decisions about what you put in your grocery cart and ultimately your mouth!

Just sharing this science and getting you to think & act differently is how you get results.
If your not already an Energy Fitness client and your trainer is not “comfortable” then switch trainers or do it yourself with a bodyfat scale such as the tanita bodyfat scale pictured below (click here for the link  to amazon to purchase for only $60). MID-AFTERNOON IS THE BEST TIME FOR MOST ACCURATE RESULTS.  Also, if you want to be more motivated and see results in each area then you may want to get some inexpensive plastic calipers shown below also avail on amazon.

I did graduate research on the tanita model with the athlete mode and it had a very high accuracy rating comparison compared to the most accurate method (hydrostatic weighing) and my research even got published and presented at a conference.  The scale is within 2% of the hydrostatic-underwater weighing method.

Step up your game and track the results you get, share knowledge and understanding.

At Energy Fitness for 11 years we have not limited ourselves to giving clients great workouts, we apply the science to get results fast and safe.

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