Vitamin D is not a vitamin…It’s a hormone.

August 17, 2014by TonyaTittle

Tonya Tittle, Memphis personal trainer Downtown Memphis wants to always bring you information that helps you feel great and live optimally.  Did you know that it is estimated that 40-75% of people are deficient in Vitamin D. I am a big advocate of Vitamin D3 supplementation.

Vitamin D is involved in so many physiological functions and maintains our health in so many different ways that, once you start to count its benefits, you might begin to wonder if there’s anything this fat-soluble vitamin doesn’t do. (Precision Nutrition).

The word “vitamin” means “something my body needs that I can’t make, so I must get it from food”. Using the proper word “hormone” reminds us that it affects multiple parts of the body and that it is not “extra”. D hormone is a chemical that we make on our skin from sun exposure. Vitamin D is found in very few foods. Foods rich in vitamin D include: egg yolk; oily fish such as salmon, sardines, and mackerel; and vitamin D fortified foods (such as dairy products).

Here is what David Perlmutter, MD and author of Grain Brain (“I love this book”-Tonya) has to say about Vitamin D. “I can’t say enough about the importance of Vitamin D, and that’s why I devote five pages to it in Grain Brain. It’s ideal to start with 5,000 units of Vitamin D3 daily, get tested after three months, and adjust accordingly. It’s one of the most important nutrients/vitamins we have in our body? In my practice, I always make a point to check Vitamin D levels in my patients, as Vitamin D plays a role in activating over 900 genes that play a role in fighting/preventing cancer, inflammation, and cognitive issues (like dementia and Alzheimer’s).”
After it is ingested or synthesized in the skin (from the sun), it enters the bloodstream for transport to the liver and kidneys to convert into vitamin D or more specifically vitamin D3.

There are multiple forms of vitamin d: D2 is animal-free, while D3 is animal-derived. Noonday sunlight on the skin is the best source.
Clinical levels of vitamin D in the sufficient (>32 ng/mL) category are just the low-end. Dr. Perlmutter says that we don’t just want to be at the low end…we need to be optimal and that requires blood testing if you want to know exact numbers and follow-up results after 2 months.
So why should I consider supplementing with Hormone vitamin D?
Getting enough vitamin D may help with fatigue, improved sleep, increased immune system function, regulation of glucose tolerance, reduce blood pressure, helps absorb calcium, strengthens bones, and improves muscle recovery. It may also play a role in decreasing our risk for certain types of cancer, as well as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. It can even help us lose or maintain weight.
Recent research discovered that more pre-exercise vitamin D meant less post-exercise muscle weakness and better recovery through the entire recovery process. Less pre-exercise vitamin D meant more weakness and worse recovery.

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