Memphis Personal Trainer Shows you her Must Have grocery list

June 23, 2010by TonyaTittle
Veggies and Fruit from Costco

Memphis Personal Tonya Tittle of Energy Fitness

thinks you should steal this grocery list.

Grocery List


Cold Stuff
Soymilk  Need____ (I buy 8)
Eggs     Need____
(egglands best, 1.5 dozen, I buy 8 to 10- that's 144 to 180 eggs)
Yogurt   Need____ (greek, for my spouse and son)
Shrimp   Need____ (cooked/tail on) this was on my list but I am
off bottom dwellers since reading the book "skinny bitch"
and the gulf oil thing
Salmon Patties Need_____ (frozen section)

Carrots  Need___      Broccoli    Need____
Spinach  Need___      Asparagus   Need____
Small Colored Sweet Peppers   Need____
Fruit/Room Temp Veggies
Bananas  Need____          Tangerines  Need______
Grapefruit   Need_____     Red Delicious Apples   Need______
Purple Grapes  Need_____   Onions    Need____
Vine Ripe Tomatoes   Need_____    Avacados   Need_____
Lemons   Need ____         Grape Tomatoes   Need____

Misc. Food
Pecans / almonds (raw)  Need_____     Peanut butter   Need_____
Mushrooms   Need______    Olives (black)  Need_____
Cherrios   Need____     Tomato Paste (canned)  Need_______
Tomato Stewed (canned/low sodium)   Need______
Chips (for parties/torillla, kirkland brand)  Need_____
Rice Crackers  Need____

Grocery List - Whole Foods
Rice Cheese (vegan)  Need____
Pizza Crusts or Pie Crusts (wheat and gluten free/frozen) Need_____
Tofu Dogs   Need_____
Rice bread with or without flax
(wheat and gluten free/frozen)  Need____
Veggie chile 365 brand (canned)  Need_____
Hot and Tasty Rice cereal (need to cook)  Need______

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