Consider Color Therapy for Weight Control

July 4, 2020by TonyaTittle

At Energy Fitness personal training and nutrition coaching studio downtown Memphis and virtually online training folks we want to give our clients every edge possible for success. Have you have read any of our posts where I mention chakra’s or color before for health?

This article aims to bring color therapy into your realm of awareness. Of course after this article you may be noticing all kinds of colors everywhere including magazine ads, billboards, tv ads to window banners and colors of restaurants. If you want to avoid hunger stimulating colors, don’t paint your kitchen to look like a fast food restaurant. There’s a reason burger joints use reds, yellows and oranges in their color schemes all the time. These colors are stimulating and may even stimulate appetite. I’d say this can even translate to the color of your dishes.

Think about it people choose cars and clothing by their color all the time.Some people just don’t want to think about it and have lots of grey, white and black in their closet then accessorize to match their mood with a pop of color for a tie, scarf, jewelry or purse. Who hasn’t pored over dozens of options when picking just the right shade to paint a room? Color makes an impact. Nobody has to tell you that if you walk into a room painted all white it’s much different than if it’s painted pitch black.Marketing experts know that color makes a big difference in how customers react. For example, on websites, a red “BUY NOW” button usually works better than a green one.

Multiple sources point out that in Egypt, Greece, China, India and other countries colors have been used in various ways to promote healing. Color therapy has been used to treat inflammation, muscle pain, nosebleeds, infertility (in animals), injuries, burns, sciatica, meningitis, nervous instability, headache, irritability, sunstroke and more.

So why not integrate color into your weight control success. I’ve known for many years that eating off of blue plates a user tends to eat smaller portions as well as if you eat on smaller plates.

Have you heard of Blue Light Therapy?

Typically this is a type of treatment used for SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which is a form of depression that some call the “winter blues.” Symptoms typically appear in the fall and continue during winter months.Some symptoms of SAD are depressed mood, lack of interest in activities, tiredness and fatigue, trouble concentrating, feelings guilt or low self-worth, thoughts of death and suicide, irritability, sleep issues, experience changes in appetite or weight.

Those who suffer from SAD have weight gain and a craving for foods high in carbohydrates. Scientists believe that the cause of SAD may have to do with serotonin and melatonin levels.

Light therapy boxes can be found online for less than $60 and some have timers. While we are on the subject of blue light recall that televisions and smart devices omit blue rays which stimulate your brain. This is why you might have trouble sleeping if you watch these right before bed. Blue light therapy might be best done in the morning to stimulate your wakening cycle. Some people (I’ve been guilty of this) try and override this by wearing yellow shades to block the blue light.

So what if we took this same principle of color therapy for weight control to our closet and our environments in which we control like kitchen, common room that you may feel compelled to snack or office space. Avoid Red, Yellow & Orange. Listed below are the colors listed backwards in order of most decreasing the appetite to most increasing it.

Colors That Decrease Appetite:

10) Grey  9) Black  8) Brown  7) Purple  6) Blue

Colors That May Increase Appetite:

5) Turquoise: (It’s the color of tropical waters and used a lot on dessert plates. Even if you think you are full after dinner, seeing a piece of cake on a turquoise colored plate is likely to make you want to eat the dessert anyway.)

4) Green: Many people are attracted to the color green and associated it with abundance.

3) Yellow: makes most people happy. When people are happy, they are more likely to eat than when they are feeling sad or overly calm.

2) Orange: stimulates the brain, which increases mental activity and often stirs up a sensation of hunger.

1) Red: raises a person’s blood pressure, heart rate, and causes hunger to be more prevalent.

Try adding more color in your life and look at what colors may not be present that might need to be to balance out your moods and life. I remember when Mae, LMT did massage on me when she first started at Energy Fitness. She also does energy work and could see lots of red in my energy field when she closed her eyes. That stands for fire so it made sense that I didn’t have a need very many clothing items that were red in which I did not. I have sense made a shift more in the past few years for more neutral colors. I think back to when my husband and I first bought our first house. We had lots of energy which is probably why we chose a red kitchen, yellow or green walls and an orange spare bedroom and then later changed to off white for all the walls.

There is a song by Expose that has the lyrics seasons change feelings change and the Bible says there is a season for reaping and a season for sowing. Life is flowing and so should be your diet and energy levels. Try not to get in a bad habit rut or just grab for whatever is convenient.

Plan your meals with love and color!


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